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How to submit a Request or an Issue
Last Updated 5 months ago

For any request or issue regarding ASI products, please open a ticket: 

  1. First, on the top right of the window, click on Sign in
  2. Enter your credentials and then click on Sign In
    Note: we highly recommend you to create an account, in order to keep a record of all your tickets. 
    1. To create an account, click on Create an account
    2. Fill all the fields, then click on Register
  3. Now that you are signed in, click on Open a New Ticket
  4. Select the most relevant Help Topic from the drop-down list. 
  5. Type the subject of your issue in the Issue Summary field. 
  6. In the text field, explain all relevant details of the issue. 
  7. Under the text field, you can drag and drop files to add attachments. Alternatively, you can click on choose them.
  8. Type your location in the City field. 
  9. Click on Create Ticket. 

Your ticket is then opened. A member of our support team will contact you shortly. 

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